Office Door Signs

Door signs are an effective way to welcome visitors into your establishment. Whether you have a small retail space or a large building, custom office door signs can create a great first impression on your customers. Help them feel at ease when they step into your space with the right door sign for your Charlotte business.

What is Office Door Signage?

Office door signs help visitors know they’ve reached the right place. They’re typically found on or by an office door, signifying the occupant or purpose of the room.

The cost of office door signs largely depends on the type of material you choose. Acrylic is the most popular, along with metal and vinyl. 

Types of Office Door Signs

  • Door Plaques: Typically made of acrylic, metal, or wood, these signs often have the room number, room name, or the occupant’s name and position. Engraved office door signs are a popular example.
  • Changeable Door Signs: These are ideal for a room with temporary occupants. Changeable door signs usually have a slot to swap out the names or details—perfect for contractual or project-based tenants.
  • ADA Door Signs: These are necessary additions to any business space, especially those rooms that are required by law to be ADA-compliant. For example, all permanent rooms should be ADA-compliant, including restrooms, electrical rooms, and more.
  • Business Door Signs: These signs welcome customers right before entering your space. This sign includes your business logo and hours of operation, as well as a hanging door sign that says “Welcome” or “Open.” This is especially helpful for businesses located in multi-tenant facilities. 
TuOneOh TACOS Exterior Door Signs by QC Signs Charlotte

Uses of Office Door Signs

Custom door signs are an important part of any business space. They are underrated in helping customers have a more pleasant customer experience within your facility. Here are valuable uses for office door signs in Charlotte:

  1. Identification: The primary purpose of door signs is to identify the room and its occupant. It is very helpful, especially in large facilities, so visitors won’t have a hard time looking for the right place.
  2. Safety: An important use for door signs is safety. These signs are put on rooms that only require authorized personnel to enter. Also, rooms that may contain dangerous equipment or hazardous material have these signs up to ensure the safety of customers and unauthorized employees.
  3. Branding: One valuable yet overlooked use of door signs is branding. A personalized door sign is a great way to familiarize customers more with your brand. Instead of going for generic designs, incorporate your logo and brand colors on your door signs. This lifts your overall atmosphere and makes you more memorable to customers. 

Your Trusted Sign Company in Charlotte, NC

When it comes to office door signs, it is important to choose a design that best reflects your business. QC Signs offers a variety of door sign options that can satisfy your business needs. Our team gets to know our clients to ensure we recommend the right sign solutions that make your company shine. 



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