Building Directory Signs

Make Your Customers Feel At Ease With Interior Building Directory Signs in Charlotte, NC

When you have a facility with multiple tenants, building directory signs are a great option to guide visitors in the right direction. If your customers or visitors end up getting lost while finding their way this may create a negative impact on how they feel about your business. Building directory signs are very useful in places such as schools, hospitals, offices, shopping malls, residential complexes and more. They make sure that the visitors get to their desired location without getting confused or lost. They are available in many materials and in a way, the type of material defines the type of the facility. For instance, a luxury hotel will always have a metal, wooden or digital directory sign, that compliments the overall décor whereas, for hospitals they will always be focused on showcasing clear information instead of the finish.

At QC Signs & Graphics, we strive to deliver the perfect directory signs that can be installed on your building’s entrance or office lobby to deliver a smooth navigational experience to your visitors. Not only that, our custom directory signs also compliment the visual aesthetics of your brand and provide a refreshing outlook to your interiors. You can also get them changed or upgraded at a very low cost in case you have a new tenant coming. If you are in Charlotte, NC, we will be happy to become your local signage partner and cater to all your needs.

Impact of Business Directory Signs

In many instances, they act as a center for information or small notice boards. Apart from the information related to the exact location of the occupants of a facility, they contain information related to safety, security, or any type of temporary maintenance. Also, for most visitors, business directory sign is the first thing they notice about a facility. It helps them form an image of that premises and in case of offices or shopping malls where these visitors can be customers, brands must be watchful about the impact these signs can have on their business.

Some common places where directory signs are crucial for daily operations are:

Office Buildings / Medical Centers

As your clients come to see you in Uptown or have a check-up in Ballantyne, they need to know how to find every provider in your building. Our corporate business signs will help your clients get where they need to in a timely manner while eliminating their questions.


With so many departments and each of them having their facilities, it is impossible to navigate through without getting lost. For visitors, building directory signs are the second-best option to get to the right place, first being asking the students.


Usually parks hold multiple gatherings at the same time, and with so many visitors looking for directions, directory signs help in eliminating the chaos.

Many areas cannot function properly without them such as open events, fairs and more. We at QC Signs & Graphics, have a team of experts who are well versed in understanding the situation well and provide our clients with signage solutions for office and building directory signs.



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If you are looking for any type of custom business signs in Charlotte, NC, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you with all your signage needs.