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Interior Signs

Interior signs make your space engaging, help visitors find their way, and overall make your office look professional and welcoming. QC Signs & Graphics have years of sign-making experience to help your business create the perfect interior signage.

Walk into any business and you’ll find a series of interior signs to guide you. The signs tell you what kind of brand you’re dealing with, which products are on sale, where to find what you need, and much more. QC Signs & Graphics offers custom indoor signs that can create a welcoming, clear surroundings for your customers and much more. We design, manufacture, and install the exact sign you need in Charlotte, NC.

The next time you enter another business, especially a competitor’s business, try to look at the signs with fresh eyes. What are the signs trying to

Interior signs add to your business by making it welcoming and refreshing. We offer several types of interior design signage for businesses and office spaces, from wayfinding signs to floor graphics to ADA signs. You can trust QC Signs & Graphics to get the job done for you. Our design experts are here to help you create, design, and install the perfect interior sign for your business.

How to Boost Your Business with Interior Signs

You can use interior signs to support many business goals. A stunning menu sign shows customers what they can order and creates just the right environment. A door sign tells your customer whose office is behind it. Plus, it might add privacy with a frosted glass effect. A lobby sign is similar, in that it tells customers where they are, but it needs to reflect your brand more closely and raise the image of your business in your customer’s eyes.

Other interior signs are simple essentials to meet ADA standards or safety standards. Exit signs and bathroom signs are great examples. You need these signs to be a certain height and size, maybe even to have Braille, it depends on your business. At QC Signs & Graphics, we understand sign laws and can help you be sure you meet them

How to Choose an Interior Office Sign

While certain signs may be necessary, you still want to get creative with them. A good sign is all about catching attention by being a little unexpected, but still clear in it’s messaging. Of course, each unique situation calls for a different sign type and a different design.

Do you know what type of interior sign is right for your purpose? At QC Signs & Graphics, we pride ourselves on providing you the right sign for your needs in Charlotte, North Carolina. Every sign is a marketing asset and a business solution, not just a sheet of plastic. To meet your needs, we offer a range of sign types.

Types of Interior Signs

  • Lobby Signs: Custom lobby signs are a serious asset for any business. These signs tell everyone who enters your building who you are and helps brings a sense of professionalism to your company and establish your brand. Click here to learn more about lobby signs. 
  • Wall Decals: Add something creative to your walls with custom wall decals for your office, business, and retail space. They can be cut into any shape and come in various sizes. Wall decals are made from vinyl stickers and are a great way to display small messages and art. Wall decals can also be used as wayfinding signs. Wall decals are easy to install and are not harmful to your walls. Use decals for social distancing signage and make your business space more creative and welcoming. Are you interested in getting custom wall decals? Talk with one of our sign experts today. 
  • Office Door Signs: We offer a variety of door signs that come in several different makes. We provide acrylic door signs, glass door signs, door film, and interior metal signs. Custom office door signs effectively distinguish office rooms, and meeting spaces, and overall make your business space look organized and professional. 
  • Wayfinding Signs: Provide clear directions for everyone entering your business with custom wayfinding signs. QC Signs & graphics will ensure that directional signs are placed correctly and follow all ADA compliance guidelines. Click here to learn more about wayfinding signs. 
  • Reception signs: Make an outstanding first impression with a custom-designed reception sign. We offer a variety of designs, materials, and finishes that are perfect for commercial use and make a positive and lasting first impression. Click here to learn more about reception signs. 
  • Floor Graphics: Made from high-quality material. Floor graphics are a great way to display social distance spacing. They are easy to install, and our design team can custom print and design them for your business. Click here to receive a free quote. 
  • ADA Signs: Following ADA guidelines is a law that all public facilities must follow. QC Signs & Graphics specializes in creating ADA-compliant signs. These signs are essential and helpful for people with disabilities. We understand the requirements for these signs and know how to design signage to ensure it complements your space and, most importantly, send clear messages. Click here to learn more about ADA signs.
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QC Signs & Graphics sign experts would be happy to install custom interior signs for your business. We have cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques. We can make any creative sign idea come to life. Contact us today to receive a free quote.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Interior signs are a great way to communicate with your customers, patients, students, or employees. The various types include directional signs, safety signs, bathroom signs, emergency signs, wayfinding signs. All of these signs will be used by both employees and customers to improve the experience and answer any questions they may have. 

An interior sign is a form of visual communication applied to the surface of a wall. The idea itself is nothing new, but its application in modern digital printing is. This now allows us to apply a sign off the side of a building, onto the wall in an office, or even directly onto an object. 

Glass, wood, metal, and plastic are four commonly used materials for indoor signs. In most cases, a combination of these materials is best suited to meet your needs. Plastic is more commonly used for indoor signs than other materials, largely due to its low cost. 

Plexiglass is the best for indoor signs. This is because it is strong and lightweight. It is not easy to break, and compared to glass, it does not break into sharp pieces that can injure people. Indoor signs are useful for both customers and employees, so you want something that will last. 

The lifespan of a sign depends on the quality and type of material used. A few factors can affect a vinyl sign’s life span, including the color of the sign material, how well it is cared for, and where it is placed. But in general, if you take care of your signs, you will have them for as long as you’ll need them.