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Your store or office walls are the perfect way to enhance your space and make an impression on your visitors in Charlotte. And, there is no other better application for your walls than wall wraps.

What is Wall Wrap?

Wall wraps are digitally printed vinyl that can be applied to walls and create visual interest. The minimal cost of wall wraps makes this a cost-efficient way to put a personal spin on any indoor or outdoor wall. They are perfect for enhancing any retail, office or, home space.

In the past, paint or wallpaper was commonly used to cover interior and exterior spaces. Now, custom wall wraps are changing the game when it comes to wall coverings. Using wall wraps is also great for transforming the look of your business without damaging your surfaces.

Types of Wall Wraps

  • Interior Wall Wraps: Probably the most common type of wall wraps are the ones applied to your interior wall spaces. They can be installed on most kinds of walls, as well as curves and corners. Their flexibility allows you to apply it over existing wall finishes, creating a seamless indoor design.
    Interior wall wraps are a great way to build brand awareness in any retail and office space. Because they are digitally printed, corporate wall wraps can be made to match your business in Charlotte perfectly.
  • Exterior Wall Wraps: When you need to revamp your exterior, wall wraps are a great option. They’re a great way to transform your outdoor space to match your business theme, and they’re highly effective marketing tools.
    Outdoor commercial wall wraps are made with materials that can withstand rain and direct sunlight. These can also be applied to textured walls, allowing you to design even bricks and uneven surfaces. For a consistent design, wall wraps can also be extended to the entire building, including your storefront windows.
Corporate lobby wall decoration in Charlotte, NC

Uses of Wall Wraps

The versatility of wall wraps makes them ideal to use for many different purposes:

  1. Marketing: Custom vinyl wraps are the perfect marketing tool for any Charlotte business. Your walls are a great space to display your product line to entice visitors and build customers’ interest. Installing them outdoors can also attract the attention of anyone passing by.
  2. Wayfinding: Wall wraps are also great to use for giving direction. Let customers find their way around your space easily with wall wraps that direct them to key areas in your facility.
  3. Motivation: Vinyl wall wraps for offices are perfect for creating a pleasant workspace atmosphere. Filling your walls with your company’s mission and vision lets employees know that they are a part of something big. Putting up inspiring quotes around your office space is also a great way to keep your team motivated and productive.

Custom Vinyl Wall Wraps Near You

Custom wall wraps are the perfect addition to your interior and exterior wall spaces. For high-quality wall wraps, QC Signs is your go-to sign partner in Charlotte. We are a team of dedicated sign makers that can help design, produce and install your wrapping needs.



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Whether you need a wrap for one room or wall treatments for an entire building, we are here for you! Contact us today, and our wall wrap expert will be happy to give you a free consultation.