Best Vehicle Wraps in Charlotte, NC

For many businesses, the most effective sign type is a vehicle wrap. It’s a 24/7 billboard that perfectly targets the customers near you and is cost effective. The return on investment of vehicle wraps is astounding, even more so when you have a smart design that stands out and reflects your brand values. At QC Signs & Graphics we design and install outstanding vehicle wraps in Charlotte, NC.

Why Vehicle Wraps Work

You may think that custom vehicle wraps work just because they tend to be loud, colorful, busy signs. But, that’s not so. Even sophisticated brands can get a vinyl vehicle wrap that reflects their high-end products or services, and that more muted wrap will still attract attention.

Why do vehicle wraps really work? They are rare curiosities that people enjoy looking at. Bored drivers passing by are naturally interested in the wrap. They wonder about the business a auto wrap advertises, and what it does. They know the business must be local, or they wouldn’t be driving by. People know a vehicle wrap is relevant to them and that piques their interest too.

Unlike in-your-face ads on the internet or in your mailbox, a commercial vehicle wrap is more subtle. Sure, it could be plastered in bright colors, but you have a choice whether to look at it. More frequently than not, people choose to look at them.

As a result, it’s simple to build a brand presence, raise brand awareness, and even advertise sales with a vinyl vehicle wrap.

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Which Businesses Benefit from Vehicle Wraps & Graphics in Charlotte, North Carolina

A simple litmus test for whether your business could benefit from a vehicle wrap is simply to ask yourself if you, or your staff, drive to work and if you want to advertise locally, for a low cost. Most Charlotte businesses can say yes. Of course, certain businesses are more attracted to vehicle wraps. Perhaps they spend more time on the road (though a vehicle wrap works even when parked) or they have a lower advertising budget. These businesses typically include contractors, tradespeople, essential services and those in shipping and transport, such as:

  • Plumbers
  • Roofers
  • Taxis, transport services
  • Ambulances
  • Shipping companies
  • Large chain retailers
  • Repairman
  • Food trucks
  • Builders
  • Tourist transport
  • Delivery services

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Your Vinyl Vehicle Wraps in Charlotte, NC

Quality material, expert installation, and creative design. That’s what you can expect from QC Signs & Graphics when you choose us for your vehicle graphic or wrap. Getting a smooth, proper vehicle wrap installation isn’t simple, but our expert installers achieve it every time.



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Ready to start advertising with a vehicle wrap? Reach out to us at QC Signs & Graphics to get started.