Outdoor Business Signs

How your business looks on the outside is key to your customer’s perception of your brand. That brand perception is what keeps them loyal to you. Outdoor business signage is therefore key to brand loyalty, and much more. Your customers, and potential customers, drive past your business all the time. When they do, you can build your brand image, advertise promotions, and much more. QC Signs & Graphics designs, manufactures, and installs signs that help you make the most of this opportunity.

Catch Attention with Exterior Signs

Every sign you have outside, from large, bright fascia signs to small, delightful A-frame signs, is a chance to make an impression on your customer. You need a bold, creative design that visually communicates your message and reflects your brand image at the same time.

Think about how your customers might respond to your current outdoor business signs in Charlotte, NC. Are they reminded about your business and the wonderful products and services you offer? Or does your exterior signage fade into the background? A new sign with a better design can help your business stand out and can help you change the public impression of your business.

United parcel service outdoor signage

Which Outdoor Business Sign is Right For You?

There are many outdoor sign options available to you, even signs that fulfill the same purpose. Let’s say you know you need a sign that brands the outside of your building. You need a fascia sign. So, do you choose a channel letter signan awning sign, or another type? Should it be lighted, and by LEDs or neon? How and where should it be mounted? What colors and font are best?

There are so many questions you need to answer when designing a sign, and QC Signs & Graphics a sign company in Charlotte, NC can help you with all of them. We pride ourselves on offering the right signs to our customers, based on their business, needs, and building.

To meet your needs, we offer the following custom outdoor sign types:

  • Monument Signs
  • Window Graphics
  • Illuminated signs
  • Directional Signage
  • Pylon Signs
  • Awning Signs
  • Banners
  • Neon signs
  • Sign tray Systems
  • Display Systems
  • Fascia Signage
  • L.E.D. Multi Message
  • Swing Signs
  • Restaurant Signs
  • Rotating signs
  • Site Boards
  • Vinyl Text & Logos

Trust QC Signs & Graphics with Your Custom Outdoor Business Signs

We know, installing a huge outdoor sign, especially a fascia sign, seems a little nerve wracking. When you choose us, you don’t have to worry about that. Our experienced team of installers handles your exterior sign installation, so all you must do is sit back and start reaping the benefits of your new look.



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Ready to get started with an exterior sign?

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor signs are used for the advertisement of businesses, buildings, organizations, etc. They can be seen outdoor  on the walls of the building or at business premises. They give information about the name of the business, what they do, or special deals or promotions that are running. 

Very simply, the best material is what will survive the weather conditions for as long as possible. The more corrosive nature of our climate, the better materials become. That means that most metals are better than wood or plastic.
Always try to consider the weather conditions that your sign will face. If there are strong winds or icy conditions, this affects what sign you should look for. 

Depending on the size and location of your signs, the expected life span usually ranges between 5-10 years. The larger the sign, the more dependent it is on environmental factors. Outdoor Signs are created to withstand these elements, but if left in harsh conditions for a long period, they will begin to show signs of wear. 

Signage is important because it helps you stand out and sets your business apart from your competitors. Certainly, the quality of your products and services are important, but when customers are in a crowded market, one of the ways to stand out is through good signage. 

That really depends on the size of your sign and what you want it to say. A small sandwich board-style sign can be made quickly, while a larger sign can take considerably longer. Your sign maker will be able to give you an estimate when you speak to them about your project.