Storefront Signs

If your business has a storefront, you absolutely need storefront signs to promote your brand, generate interest in your store, and attract customers. While some businesses in Charlotte rely on a single storefront sign, this is often a mistake. It’s better to have a system of storefront signs that communicate more information and draw different kinds of customers in. Learn more about your storefront sign options here. 

What are Storefront Signs?

These signs are retail store signs that are mounted to the outside of your store. They don’t necessarily have to be attached to your building; they can be placed on your lawn or hung in your window. Typically, these signs promote your branding, but they can have other uses too.

Custom Vinyl Lettering for Window in Charlotte, NC

Types of Storefront Signs

There are several kinds of unlit and lighted storefront signs:

Lighted storefront signs can be more advantageous than the other types. They can be seen from further away and when the sun has set. This helps them better promote your brand. Even when your store is closed, it is a good idea to still remind those driving and walking by that your business is there. Making more impressions is always in your business’ best interest.

Channel letter signs are just one type of storefront sign; however, they are among the most popular for a reason. They make a dramatic impact, especially at night, because the space between the letters is not lit. As you can see in the list above, you have many options for lightning type in channel letter signs.

Uses of Storefront Signs

Promoting your branding isn’t the only thing that you can use one of these signs for. Here are some storefront sign ideas:

  • Communicate your hours
  • Let customers know whether or not you’re open
  • Promote sales
  • Promote new openings
  • Communicate the building address
  • Identify different entrances
  • Promote your business’ values
  • Promote major products or partner businesses
  • Communicate business policies like return policies 

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Your Next Sign

Are you looking for more storefront graphic and sign ideas? Or designers that can help you create the perfect design to meet your goals? Reach out to QC Signs & Graphics. We offer quality storefront signs in Charlotte, NC. 



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