Hanging Signs

Hanging Business Signs: Unique Way Of Presenting Your Business In Charlotte, NC

We are a full-service sign company in Charlotte, NC, that can provide you the perfect hanging signs for your business. Whether you want your customers to locate your business or you have a special promotion to highlight, our hanging sign will deliver the desired results. Our signage options are available in a variety of designs, mounting options and sizes that can be molded as per your requirements. All our signs are made from high-quality materials and state of the art technology to ensure a quality finish, long life, and minimum maintenance. We also provide the option for printing on both sides so the same sign can be twice as effective.

Here are some popular material choices for Hanging Signs:

  • Acrylic Hanging Signs
  • PVC Hanging Signs
  • Banner Hanging Signs
  • Engraved Hanging Signs
  • Aluminum Hanging Signs  

Indoor Hanging Signs

When you are planning the office or store interiors, it is always wise to include hanging business signs as an option. Hanging wayfinding signs are visually appealing and are a great choice to be used directional signage. As they are placed above eye level, they provide more visibility and thus make it convenient for the visitors to navigate through the facility.

Outdoor Hanging Signs

Looking to make your business stand out? Our outdoor hanging signs are just perfect for that. When you have the right positioning and correct messaging, hanging signs grabs the attention of the passersby which enhances your overall brand visibility. They can also be printed on both ends and can be used to promote two different messages at the same time.

Hanging Blade Signs

Blade signs are mounted perpendicular to the facility’s wall. We can create them in any shape or size and even illuminate them to make them highly attractive. They are a very good choice to highlight a business name, logo, contact information and more. Since they are placed outside the facility, they can be of any shape, size, or design. Because of their elevated placement, they are very effective in catching customer’s attention.



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If you would like more information regarding hanging business signs in Charlotte, NC, contact us today, we will be happy to assist you and provide you a free quote.