Custom Business Signs

Every company needs signs to promote, guide customers, catch attention, create brand impressions, grow brand awareness, and make their space more beautiful. The success of your business can depend on the design and quality of the signs that you use to accomplish all of these tasks and more. If you’re looking for commercial sign companies “near me” to help you determine the right commercial signs for your company in Charlotte, choose QC Signs & Graphics.

What is a Business Sign?

A business sign is any sign that helps a company achieve a goal. There are many uses for business signs, so that goal can be anything from increasing foot traffic to promoting a seasonal sale, informing customers about the lunch menu to making sure that the entrance to your building is seen.

Depending on its use and location, a business sign might be lit or unlit. It may be made for a huge range of materials (hopefully those that suit your brand image), such as vinyl, wood, metal, and even landscaping materials such as brick. The quality of the design, along with the size and placement, determine how effective the sign will be. 

Interior Signs

Types of Business Signs

Each kind of corporate sign brings something different to the table. They can each be used in different circumstances and give off different impressions that can make them better suited for your purposes. Here are some of the sign types you might consider in Charlotte.

Interior business signs

  • ADA signs
  • Bathroom signs
  • Lobby signs
  • Window graphics
  • Wall graphics and murals
  • Front desk signs

Exterior business signs

  • Address signs
  • Sidewalk signs
  • Awning signs
  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional lettering
  • Outdoor lighted business signs
  • Electronic message boards
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Real estate signs

​We also design, manufacture, and install vehicle graphics for businesses. You can place these on any vehicle, from a car to a large truck, boat, or RV.

Or, consider our trade show signs for your next event. We have creative and eye-catching banner options.

Your Corporate Sign Questions Answered

What is the cost of business signs? How long is the turn around to manufacture them? When can they be delivered? It’s natural that you’d have a lot of questions. As a business sign manufacturer in Charlotte, QC Signs & Graphics, we can answer them. If you are looking for “business signs near me” in Charlotte, then you have found the right partner. Reach out to us today to discuss your needs.



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Frequently Asked Questions

A business sign should contain the most important details relevant to your business. This includes things like your business’s name, your phone number, your address, your slogan, your logo, and any other way people can contact you (social media, etc).

There are a lot of different signs for business. If you are advertising all over town, these could be yard signs or a vehicle graphics. If you run a store, you will have a storefront sign. Any sign that has something to do with your business—whether it is promoting something or giving directions to your business—is a business sign.

You don’t need a business sign; you need many business signs if you want to succeed. Advertising is a numbers game, so the more signage you have out in the public, the better off you are. You need signs out in public, so people know you are selling a product or service.

You need to figure out a design and all the relevant information you want people to see. Better yet, work with a team of signage experts that knows all about different creative designs and ways to implement signs for your business.

It depends on what material the sign is made from. Signs serve different purposes and are crafted from a variety of materials, so there are different categories and sub-categories of signage. A monument sign is a business sign because it lets people know you are running a business. The same is true of storefront signs and pylon signs. These are all large business signs.

There is a huge range in the cost of business signage. Vinyl graphics are very low cost, whereas a pylon sign is expensive. It all depends on the size of the sign, the materials used, the complexity of the design, and the labor involved.

Absolutely. The entire sign industry runs on the fact that signs are a huge commodity for businesses, and the sign industry itself is a big business because signs are proven to work wonders.

This would be a business sign made from acrylic material.

Custom business signs are business signs customized specifically for your business. You will have a professional sign with your own personal touch, made from the materials you want, with a design you want.

If you are looking for custom business signs in Charlotte, NC, then look no further. QC Signs & Graphics can create beautiful custom business signs for you. Call us at 1-704-247-5533 or book with us online to find out more.

For any signage requirements in Charlotte, NC, we would be happy to become your local partner. Contact us today to receive a free quote!