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Custom acrylic signs look smooth and vivid. When well-designed, these signs can be put to a huge range of purposes to meet your business goals and create a great atmosphere on your property in Charlotte. Choose us for acrylic signs in Charlotte, NC, or read on to learn more about why you should choose these signs below. 

What are Acrylic Signs?

An acrylic signage is a sign made from the plastic material, acrylic. Why make a sign from this material? It is a clear plastic that has many characteristics that make it ideal for use as a sign. It’s strong and stiffly holds its shape. Yet, it is flexible enough when warmed to mold into all kinds of custom shapes. This plastic will also bond well with adhesives used to complete the sign and handle the weather outside in Charlotte easily. Acrylic is also known by a brand name, plexiglass sign, but the two materials are the same.

Types of Acrylic Signs

You probably aren’t most familiar with this material as a clear plastic. Most acrylic signs in Charlotte are brightly colored. In fact, that is another benefit of acrylic, that it can be easily dyed to be your exact brand color. While colorful acrylic is most common, there are other types, including:

  • Frosted acrylic signs: These signs have a frosted effect on them as if condensation gathered on them. The result looks great and can be used strategically to bring privacy to a space.
  • Clear acrylic signs: Leaving acrylic undyed is a great option to contrast with more colorful parts of the sign. Clear acrylic is a great background or support material.
  • Mirror acrylic signs: Mirror acrylic has a reflective effect, like a mirror, but is much less breakable.


Manland Interior Custom Acrylic Wall Signs in Charlotte, NC

Uses of Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is such a flexible material that signs made out of it can be used for a huge range of purposes. Acrylic can be used for indoor and outdoor signs, small and large signs, and signs for ADA compliance. For example, acrylic office signs are often used to label spaces and guide people. You can use acrylic for your washroom signs and your wayfinding signs. Or, in retail spaces, acrylic wall signs can be used to draw attention to products, mark sections of the store, and much more. 

Get Acrylic Signs Near You from QC Signs Charlotte

QC Signs & Graphics can design and create a great acrylic sign for your purposes, whatever they may be.  Reach out to us today for acrylic sign printing in Charlotte or to ask about the cost of acrylic signs.




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