Vinyl Signs

What do you do when you need a highly cost-effective, durable sign, for indoors or outdoors? Plus, it needs to be able to have a unique design, photo-realistic images, or exact color? A vinyl sign or vinyl graphic is an excellent option in this situation. Discover what vinyl signs can offer your business in Charlotte. 

What is a Vinyl Sign?

Vinyl is a thin, highly durable material that can be printed onto, like paper. It’s simple to cut out and stick onto all kinds of surfaces, meaning these signs can act like highly-quality vinyl stickers. You can expect vinyl stickers to last for years or to peel off a surface without damaging it when you’re done with it.

Uses of Vinyl Signs

There are several different ways to use vinyl signs to benefit your business in Charlotte: 

  • Vehicle graphics: Vinyl decals or whole wraps can brand your vehicle and help you get your name out there.
  • Window graphics: These are great for storefronts and offices with a lot of glass.
  • Door graphics: Vinyl door signs are a great option for permanent and temporary signage.
  • Wall graphics: Promote anything on your walls or add wayfinding signage with wall graphics.
  • Floor graphics: Your floor is a great place to promote your brand or to add wayfinding signage too.

Benefits of Vinyl Signage

​Why choose a vinyl sign over your other material options? Here are some of the benefits of vinyl signage:

  • Speed: Vinyl sign printing is fast, so you can get the sign you need for a fast-approaching event or promotion. Talk to us about the turn around you can expect on your sign.
  • Design: We can do so many different things with vinyl design-wise. It’s a very easy material to innovate with, and we can create unique and interesting designs for you with t.
  • Flexibility: You can put vinyl on so many different materials, making vinyl signs a very flexible and versatile material.
  • Temporary: You don’t need to keep vinyl signs up for years (although you can). When you take them off, they won’t damage the surface beneath.
  • Outdoor: Vinyl isn’t just an indoor material. With excellent water and sun resistance, you can place vinyl signs outside or in a sunny location.

QC Signs & Graphics, Your Trusted Vinyl Sign Shop in Charlotte

Want to learn more about how your business in Charlotte can use vinyl signs? Or, are you ready to start talking about design ideas? If you’re looking for “vinyl sign printing near me” or “vinyl signs near me,”  you’ve found your ideal partner with QC Signs & Graphics. If you’re in Charlotte or the surrounding area, contact us today.



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