Cabinet Signs in Charlotte

Promoting your brand is crucial for every business owner. It is how you can increase your customer base and increase sales. There are plenty of ways to get your brand out there. However, signage has been the most effective for brick-and-mortar businesses in Charlotte.

Want to put your business on the map? Get the attention of your target customers with professionally made business cabinet signs today! 

What is a Cabinet Sign?


Cabinet signs are typically used to display your business name and logo. These signs can be found:

  • Mounted on a wall
  • Projecting from a building storefront
  • Attached to freestanding signage

These are traditionally known as box signs because of their usual shape. However, you can customize your sign in different shapes and sizes to showcase your brand in Charlotte.

Similar to channel letters, these are three-dimensional signs that are usually illuminated from within. Energy-efficient LED bulbs are used to light it up and make your sign visible at any time of the day.

Types of Cabinet Signs

The cost of cabinet signs depends on different factors like size, lighting options, and design. There are three main types to choose from:

  1. Non-Illuminated:

Most cabinet signs are illuminated. However, you can opt for a non-illuminated type depending on your need. These can be used as storefront signs for businesses that only operate during the day. Also, well-lit indoor spaces make good use of these signs on their walls.

  1. Single-Sided Illuminated Sign Cabinets:

This is when only one side of the sign is lit. One-sided signs are those that are mounted on the wall or the front face of your store.

  1. Double-Sided Cabinet Signs:

These have both sides of the sign illuminated. Double-sided custom box signs are ideal for projecting or freestanding signs. This lets you display your brand on both sides of the sign. 

Uses for Cabinet Signs

Cabinet signs are popular among business owners. This is because of the many ways you can use them to move your business forward.

Storefront cabinet signs are an effective way to build your presence in the local community. These make a name for your business. It also makes your space easier to locate.

These signs can also be mounted onto other freestanding signs. Low on the ground, they make your monument signs more eye-catching. Installed up high, lightbox signs are also a great addition to pylon signs in Charlotte.

Commercial cabinet signs can also be used for multi-tenant post and panel signs. A series of smaller signs can be stacked on top of each other. This is to display the names of various tenants in your facility. 

High-Quality Cabinet Signs Near You

Increasing your visibility requires effective sign solutions in Charlotte. Let QC Signs & Graphics help get you the brand exposure that you need! We offer a wide range of sign options that will let you outshine the competition. 



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Need impressive signage for indoor or outdoor use? Our custom cabinet signs are sure to leave an impression on your target customers. Contact us today and receive a FREE consultation with our sign experts!