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Solidify Your Brand With Monument Signs in Charlotte, NC

Do you think your business can gain from the traffic that is passing by? If yes, a monument sign can help make your customers aware of your business. They are a great option to spread awareness about your business and establish a unique identity. How your monument sign appears says a lot about your business, it helps your customers identify how you see your business. Monument signs are a long term investment and you must be careful about its quality, creativity, and clarity and it will ensure positive results for your business. They are structured on a solid base, unlike other outdoor business signs that can be mounted in different manners.

At QC Signs & Graphics, we offer countless design options for custom monument signs. When it comes to materials, they can be created with concrete, stones, bricks, and they can have different finishes like wood, metal, backlit and so on. If you are looking for monument signs Charlotte, NC, we will be happy to become your local sign partner. We strive to deliver high-quality business signs to our clients that last long and require minimum maintenance.

Types of Monument Signs

Outdoor Directory Signs

The purpose of these signs is to guide visitors in the right direction. They are used in residential communities, shopping malls, open markets, recreational parks and more. They are not used for advertising.

Directional Unique Monument Signs in Charlotte, NC

Architectural Monument Signs

They are placed outside big facilities like Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Office Buildings and more. Architectural Monument Signs are great for catching the attention of the passerby while showcasing the type of structure.

Digital Monument Signs

With digital monument signs, you have the option to display multiple messages at the same time. Here, the sign letters are replaced with a digital screen that can be controlled by a computer and showcase real-time information. They are highly engaging.

Post and Panel Signs

They are used for providing directional information to the people passing by. Depending on the placement, they can be made from different materials. They can also be lighted to stay active 24×7.

Pylon Signs

Have you seen those tall and thick signs by the highway or shopping centers that have many business logos on them? They are called pylon signs. They are used to display information about the multiple retail outlets in an area. They can also be illuminated.

Monument Signs by QC Signs & Graphics

Monument signs are a great option when you want people to view your business as professional and high-end. In many cases, they become the first point of contact between your business and customers and that is the reason we recommend them. At QC Signs & Graphics, a sign company in Charlotte, NC, we always want our clients to get the maximum value on the money they spent.



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Monument Signs Custom-made by QC Signs & Graphics Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

These signs are large, outdoors, and visible from the street. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are typically used as a sophisticated way to welcome clients and customers into your place of business. They can also be used to display information like directions, event dates and more!

Costs will vary depending on the materials and time needed to construct your sign. Materials, design time, and other factors can affect the cost, but we always want to ensure that every client gets the best possible value for their money’s worth. To receive a free quote, contact us today!

Pylon signs are the tall signs you may see near shopping centers that often have multiple different business logos featured. Monument signs are typically not as tall and have stand-alone business branding.

This will vary between signs. Sizing, design, and materials needed are all considered when providing a time estimate. The best way to get a precise time estimate for your sign is to speak with one of our qualified representatives! You can contact us here.

Monument signs are perfect for presenting your business as professional and high-end. You can also incorporate digital monument signs to share event information, updates, and more with drivers, pedestrians, and guests!

In Charlotte, NC, most monument signs will require the proper permits. At QC Signs and Graphics, we work alongside every client to ensure that any permit requirements are met, and all of the paperwork is in order, so you don’t need to worry.

This will vary depending on the materials used for your sign as well as the weather it is exposed to. Speak with one of our experts to find what options are right for you when considering the lifetime of your monument sign.  

Our monument signs can be designed with many different material options. It’s important to consider the style you want, the conditions the sign will be subject to, and the cost of materials when you want to add a monument sign to your business. Contact us today to discuss what materials will work best for your needs.

Often, a monument sign is anywhere from five feet tall to 10 feet tall and anywhere from six to fifteen feet wide. Discovering which size works  for your business depends on the space you have available, the type of land you’re on, permit requirements and other factors. Reach out to us today to discuss sizing options and find your ideal fit!

Depending on the extent of the damage, we may be able to repair your monument sign. The best practice is to contact us and discuss your specific situation with one of our experts. If repairs are not an option, we can work with you to create a new sign for your business!

We would be happy to assist you with any questions you may have for commercial business signs. Contact us today to receive a free estimate.