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Custom ADA Braille Signs in Charlotte, NC

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act which was introduced in 1990. The act dictates, any directional sign in a public facility which is pointing towards a restroom, elevator, staircase, or any other public area should follow ADA guidelines in terms of a sign’s placement, fonts, and color contrast to ensure that everyone including people facing disabilities can navigate with ease. Following ADA guidelines is not optional, it is mandatory by law for all businesses. For every enterprise, ADA directional signs are necessary to pass government inspections and they also help in creating a welcoming environment for people who are facing any type of disability.

At QC Signs & Graphics, a sign company in Charlotte, NC, we specialize in creating ADA compliant signs for businesses from all industries. Our ADA directional signs are visually appealing and adhere to all the guidelines mentioned in the Americans with Disabilities Act. On top of that, we offer various design options and only use high-quality materials to make sure that your signage needs little to no maintenance in the long run.

The Need For ADA Signs

It is required by the Law! If you want to avoid hefty penalties for not following ADA guidelines, you must make sure that every directional sign in your facility that points towards a public facility should be ADA compliant. The government runs routine inspections to make sure that businesses are using ADA compliant signs on their premises. Also, having ADA directional signs in your facility shows that you do not discriminate against those who are facing disabilities. This makes a positive impact on your brand’s image as customers feel safe which makes your brand trustworthy. This also opens business opportunities as people facing disabilities prefer places where they feel more comfortable and have better accessibility.

ADA Compliant Signs by QC Signs & Graphics

There are different types of ADA signs that are designed for disabilities like visual impairment or people who are on wheelchairs. Some of these signs have pictograms to show whether a bathroom or restroom is wheelchair compatible, or directional signs towards wheelchair ramps, elevators, and more. We completely understand each of these requirements and how a facility should design its signage to make sure it compliments its interiors as well.



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