Decoding Durable Vehicle Graphics: Unveiling the Material’s Impact on Longevity and Aesthetics

Vinyl vehicle graphic made by Qc Signs & Graphics

From food trucks to service vehicles to entire fleets, more and more businesses are turning to the possibilities of vehicle graphics. These innovative marketing tools maximize your business’s exposure to new clients and accelerate your growth.

If you’re only starting to explore vehicle graphics for your business, this guide will provide an overview of the materials and processes used to make these signs. Then, contact QC Signs & Graphics to book your consultation with a signage expert.

What Are Vehicle Graphics?

Custom vehicle decals and wraps are specialized signage installed directly on a car’s exterior. These products are all made from vinyl sheets that can be customized using modern printing technology.

Vinyl is a highly durable material that provides years of service and withstands harsh road conditions. These graphics appeal to businesses because they create a smooth finish to protect the existing paintwork while communicating a brand’s message.

Printable Vinyl Wrap

Custom vehicle graphics for businesses are made from a printable vinyl wrap that can be customized with any design using high-resolution printing. Vinyl is a synthetic plastic material that has applications in diverse industries. When used to make vehicle wraps and graphics, plasticizers are added to the material, giving it a thin and flexible quality. It also has an adhesive backing that securely attaches to the vehicle’s surface. 3M and Avery Dennison are leading vinyl manufacturers for vehicle wraps and decals.

Perforated Window Film and Graphics

Perforated window film is an innovative product used for full vehicle wraps and advertising on public transit systems, such as trains and buses. These graphics are made from a type of printable vinyl covered in tiny holes. When the film is installed on a vehicle’s windows, it looks opaque from the outside, but people inside can see through the windows easily. These vinyl vehicle graphics allow companies to fully immerse vehicles with their brand message while creating an eye-catching display that is impossible to ignore as it travels through the community.

Vehicle Lettering

Vehicle lettering is an effective way to display a company’s brand name and contact information at a more affordable price compared to full vehicle wraps. Depending on the design, these letters are

constructed from printable vinyl, or vinyl in a solid or metallic color. A plotter will read a computer file containing the letter’s design and precisely cut through the vinyl material. The excess vinyl is removed by hand, leaving the letters intact. They are then transferred to a backing that allows customers to install the pre-spaced letters to their vehicle easily.

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