Everything You Need to Know About Channel Letter Signs

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Business owners in Charlotte, NC, are always on the lookout for signages that are worth the investment. These are the types of signs that can draw customers in, boost your brand, and create a positive impression for your business. With a lot of options to choose from, channel letter signs do this best.

Impactful Custom Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are three-dimensional signs often used on the face of your store or building. It creates a depth of visibility that makes it more eye-catching compared to regular lettering.

Storefront channel letter signs are their most common use. These are highly customizable and can be formed and shaped to mimic your business logo. Lighting options are also available to make your sign stand out.

Types of Channel Letters

Standard Front-Lit Channel Letter

This is the most common of all the channel letters. It has aluminum sides and back and emits light from the front face of the sign. These LED channel letters are great for attracting attention as they keep your sign vibrant and bright. When you need business exposure at night, these are the perfect solution as well.

Halo-Lit Channel Letter Signs

Also known as reverse-lit channel letter signs. Halo-lit signs are usually made with metal and aluminum for a classy and sophisticated look. These are typically lifted off the walls and emit light from the back of the sign. This gives it a soft glow or “halo” effect that captivates your audience.

Front/Back-Lit Channel Letter Signs

This is one of the best signs if maximum visibility is your goal. This type of LED channel letters combines both front and reverse-lit features, giving you a lighted sign with a halo effect.

Using different colors for the front and backlighting takes your sign to the next level. It is the perfect sign to make a statement in your community, even at night.

Open Face Lit Channel Letter Signs

If you need a brighter storefront channel letter sign, open face signs are an ideal option. The front face of the sign is either clear or has no face at all. It is lit internally with LED or neon lights, creating a neon sign effect. If you want a unique and modern twist to your sign, this is the way to go.

Your Trusted Custom Channel Letter Sign Company

Creating a significant impact on your target audience is possible through channel letter signs. QC Signs is your top choice when it comes to custom sign solutions in Charlotte, NC. We are a full-service company that delivers high-quality and durable signs that boost your brand.

Our team understands that every sign investment should be worth it. We keep this in mind when creating unique signs that make your business stand out. Contact us today, and let’s get started on designing storefront channel letter signs for your business!