Five Ways a Mural Can Boost Your Brand

Wall Graphic Made for Feliciana by QC Signs & Graphics Company in Charlotte, NC

Signage is an important aspect of many, if not all, businesses’ branding. Enhancing your space with custom signage is a perfect way to attract potential customers, increase brand recognition, and promote products or sales.

Wall murals and graphics are interior signage tools that involve using a man-made plastic polymer known as polyvinyl chloride (more commonly known as vinyl or PVC) that adheres to your walls to display your company’s branding. These can include full wall murals that cover the entirety of your wall or smaller wall decals that only cover a portion so you can still see the paint or design behind it. Read on to see the top 5 ways you can use custom wall murals and graphics to enhance your business.

1. Make Your Space More Inviting

Many areas like office spaces are at risk of appearing overly bland or generic. Blank walls are excellent branding spaces that shouldn’t go unused. Enhance your workspace with fantastic, custom wall murals that can change the feeling of your working environment.

2. Improve Your Space for Your Employees

Did you know that employees are more productive when they are in a good mood? Unbranded spaces offer nothing for engagement and are often very dull to look at, especially if you spend a lot of time in that location. Enhancing the space with branded designs, interesting art, words of affirmation, or even your business name and slogan

breaks up the monotony of staring at the same four walls from 9 – 5. Use this opportunity to bring life into the design of your workspace.

3. Promote Your Brand

Brand identity is important for all businesses from hotels and restaurants to retail spaces. Wall murals are fantastic for promoting your brand as they are large and eye-catching. While your storefronts may be branded to attract people to your business, your branding shouldn’t stop there. Bring your branding inside to keep your potential customers engaged and improve your brand recognition.

4. Share Your Business Story

Using a combination of wall graphics and custom vinyl letters, you can showcase the story of how your business came to be where it is today. Incorporate images and text to walk both customers and employees through your journey. Wall murals are removable so if you ever have anything to add or update, you will be able to without damaging the underlying walls.

5. Create a One-of-a-Kind Customer Experience

Wall murals and graphics are perfect ways to help your business stand out. These signage tools are completely custom made so the only limits are your imagination when it comes to what you want your customers to experience when they see it. Working alongside an experienced sign company like QC Signs and Graphics is the best way to ensure that you get design expertise coupled with professional manufacturing and installation.

To learn more about our custom wall murals and wall graphics, or to get started on your signage project, contact our team at QC Signs and Graphics today!