Want to Make Your Message Impossible to Ignore? Get Outdoor Banner Signs

Banner Printing and Designing in Charlotte, NC

You don’t want your marketing or brand message to just be eye-catching; you want it to be irresistible. When people can’t help but look at your sign, they are more likely to absorb its message. Some signs are more compelling than others. If you need an outdoor sign that will be impossible to ignore, we often recommend outdoor banner signs. Before you search for “vinyl banner printing near me,” learn about why banners should be your first choice.

Customizable Design

As sign designers, we prefer making signs that are more creative, eye-catching, and unique. We love those banners allow us to do that so that our client—you—get the best sign design possible. As they print directly onto vinyl, banners can have any graphics, lettering, and images that we can dream up. We can replicate your exact branding on the banner, print images of your product, or create a whole new design from scratch that can communicate your message in Charlotte, NC.


Virtually all outdoor signs are made of heavy, sturdy materials. But, that’s not true of banner signs. Not only is their vinyl cost-effective and easy to move around, but the wind can also whip it around. What’s the advantage of that? Movement naturally draws people in, which is why many signs have lights that turn on and off. Change captures our attention, and a banner moving in the wind is the perfect way to grab attention.


Outdoor business signs and banners need to contend with the damaging effects of the sun, wind, and rain. The sun can fade signs, rain can damage them, and then the wind can rip them. A sign that has been damaged by the elements won’t look as good, and it may even make your business seem less professional. We choose vinyl banners that are more durable so that they will remain irresistible for longer.

Choose QC Signs & Graphics for Your Next Irresistible Sign

At QC Signs & Graphics, we can give you the professional advice you need to choose the exact right sign to fit your purposes. Banners are a top recommendation for those who need outdoor signs. If you’re already sold and are looking for “vinyl banner printing near me,” and you’re in Charlotte, NC, you’ve found the sign company for you. We can design, print, and install your outdoor business signs and banners. Contact us today.