How Building Directory Signs Can Help Your Business

Lobby directory signs for office

Are you a commercial property owner? Or, are you a stakeholder in a business with a large property in Charlotte? Either way, building directory signs are a tool that you should be aware of to benefit your business. Any property that is complicated or that sees a lot of visitors can use an office directory sign. Here’s what you need to know about these useful tools.

What is a Building Directory Sign?

A building directory sign is a large sign that lists the different businesses, offices, or spaces within the building. They may be part of a larger network of wayfinding signs that helps guests and customers find their way, or they may stand-alone.

You’ll often find office directory signs in the lobby, next to the entrance, front desk, or elevators. They should be wisely placed so that anyone who is unfamiliar with the building can find them easily and before they get lost.

How a Lobby Directory Sign Helps You

Why should you invest in a lobby directory sign? They have many benefits:

  • Wayfinding: You always benefit when your customers or guests feel welcome in your space and can find the office or room that they are looking for. You’ll cut down on confusion and leave people with a better impression of your building and business.
  • Convenience: In busy buildings, it can be hard for staff to field a lot of questions from guests and customers. Besides, customers will appreciate not having to ask for directions.
  • Value-add: If you own a building with multiple businesses in it, then those tenants will see a directory sign as an option for advertising. This can make your building more desirable.

Design Tips for Office Directory Signs

Once you’ve decided that you want a lobby directory sign, you might wonder about how you should design it. What material, color, font, and other design choices should you make? Here are a few tips:

  • Size: It’s best to make directory signs large in order to make sure they are readable and have enough room to fit all of the information you need to fit.
  • Branding: Directory signs should match the branding of your business and the overall aesthetic of your building. The last thing you want is an eyesore.

Discuss Your Best Signage Options with QC Signs & Graphics

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