How to Make Your Business Stand Out with Monument Signs

Golden Monument Signage for Hickory Lake in Charlotte, NC

Monument signs should be just that, monumental. They should be designed so that they can help your business stand out, so more people are aware it’s nearby, what its values are and where the front door is. A modern monument sign is an excellent all-around tool for businesses. Here are a few tips you can use to help your sign stand out even more in Charlotte.

1. Use Landscaping Materials

Don’t settle for a simple metal or wood sign. You can create an architectural monument sign by matching it to your landscaping materials or to the exterior of your building. Natural stone, brick, and even siding-like material are all great options that can make your sign feel classier and therefore make it stand out more.

2. Add Lighting

Nothing stands out like lighting. Any lighting on your custom monument sign will make it stand out more during the day and make it visible at night. This essentially doubles the time that the sign will be visible. While fewer people might drive by at night, some do, and there is less competition for their attention. Lighting will help establish your business’ presence, even if you’re not open all night.

3. Make It Digital

A digital monument sign is more dynamic and engaging. It can help you stand out, and it can help you communicate a longer message. You can add details about sales, events, and upcoming promotions on a digital sign. You can also send out well-wishes, positive messages, and jokes to the community with your custom monument sign. This can help give your brand a sense of personality and help you better connect with your potential customers.

4. Focus on Placement

Modern monument signs are flexible. You can place them wherever you need to. Here are a few ideas:

  • In the island or the median outside of your front entrance
  • Next to the road at your front entrance, angled for passing cars or pedestrians
  • Closer to the building, for pedestrians to walk by and read on their way in
  • In front of and beside any gate or security measures at your front entrance

5. Work with the Right Designers

In the end, the designer that you choose to make your monument sign is the biggest factor in its success. We can create architectural monument signs that will truly stand out and enhance your Charlotte property overall. Contact us today to discuss your design options.

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