5 Creative Ways to Use Outdoor Lighted Business Signs

Outdoor Lighted Business Signage in Charlotte, NC

There are thousands of lighted business signs in Charlotte. While each sign tries to stand out from the crowd, only some of them achieve it. A sign that will truly stand out needs to be creative. At QC Signs, we have five creative ideas you can use for your outdoor lighted business signs, to be sure they get the attention that they deserve.

1. Add Your Slogan or Logo

So many of the signs you see on your street will be just the brand name. While that minimalist look once stood out, now it’s the norm. To show a bit more personality, consider adding your slogan or your logo to your sign. Outdoor LED signs can easily accommodate a longer message, which gives your customers more to look at and connect with.

2. Tell the World You’re Open

Outdoor signs are great brand ambassadors but don’t limit them to just spreading brand awareness. You can use large lit signs to communicate a lot of other information. Most commonly, companies will use a lit sign to declare that they’re open, but you can add other information that your customers need to know too. For example, note your sales, your customer satisfaction rate, or simple information such as which entrance customers should use.

3. Make it a Monument

Lighted business signs don’t have to be channel letters. Many other sign types can have lighted elements included in them. Monument signs are particularly effective when lit, as they sit right next to the roadside and are better when visible to drivers at night. You might also consider pylon signs, electronic messaging boards, and other lit options.

4. Add Arrows

Movement is motivating. If you want a sign that converts more customers, draws more foot traffic, and makes more sales, adding an element of movement is wise. For lighted business signs, arrows make the most sense. Point to your entrance and customers will be encouraged to step inside. This can also help clear up confusing entrances.

5. Ask the Experts

The best creative sign ideas come from an understanding of your brand and your customer. At QC Signs & Graphics, we take the time to really learn about your brand, to make a customized sign that will speak to your customers. Choose us for outdoor LED signs in Charlotte, NC, and reach out today.