5 Tips to Design Effective Wall Murals

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You may have come across businesses using wallpapers and wall murals to enhance their surroundings. However, like any visual marketing tool, there is a need for significant thought in order to ensure that the wall murals you choose are right on point. For instance, you must avoid adding a mural wallpaper that can take over your space completely instead, you should have one that maintains a balance between visibility and attractiveness.

Branding your Charlotte office with a unique 3D wall mural can be the right step for your business to stand out from the competition and grab customer’s attention. From motivating employees to turning your space into a welcoming spot for customers, wall murals offer an excellent opportunity to improve the overall brand aesthetics.

Advice for Creating A Wall Mural

QC Signs & Graphics has assisted many Charlotte, NC businesses to make better use of their empty walls by adding a normal mural wallpaper or something more vibrant, like a 3D wall mural. Whether you are looking to tell your brand’s story or promote your latest products, take our advice on designing memorable wallpaper murals for your commercial facility.

  • Opt for a wall mural design that offers more visibility upon entering your facility. Avoid using colors that are dull and have low visibility, as they result in a lower visual impact.
  • Choose a design that fits your space and provides a right fix to your branding needs. Imagine the environment you are looking to create and select images, lettering, and colors that compliment that vision. The space you have to work within will have a huge impact on what choices you have.
  • Don’t forget about the overall branding. Your wall space must be seen as a part of your overall interior decor. You must make sure that your design is cohesive with all other indoor and outdoor signage and overall add more value to improve your brand awareness.
  • Choosing the right wall for your wall mural. It is recommended to avoid walls with hindrances and if possible, go for the one that gets natural sunlight to ensure your wall mural is the center of attention of the room. Apart from natural light, pay close attention to how the artificial lighting at your disposal may impact the final result.
  • Don’t install it yourself. You are already going through the trouble of designing an exceptional custom wall mural that will elevate your brand’s status, don’t risk all that with poor installation. QC Signs & Graphics can install 3D wall murals or any type of mural wallpapers with professionalism and expertise. This includes no bubbles and a smooth surface to look upon, the end result? your mural will look fantastic and will last much longer.

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Beautify Your Wall Space with QC Signs & Graphics

Adding custom wallpaper or custom murals to commercial spaces is gaining popularity across all industries. A very affordable option to renovate any office space, waiting room or retail store, wall murals can bring colors and text to life in a way that resonates with everyone who comes through your door. Contact QC Signs & Graphics to find out more about using your wall space to grow your business.