Make A Beautiful Entrance for Your Business Entrance with Awning Signs

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Awning signs aren’t just about protecting your entranceway from the weather. Instead, these classic entrance signs can be used to create a beautiful entryway for your business. The right awning sign will help you stand out to customers and spread awareness of your brand. Here’s what you should consider when designing an awning sign for business.

Consider Color

You can get any shade on your awning sign that you like. So, what should you choose? It’s important to match your awning sign to your business:

  • Building: If your building’s exterior isn’t a neutral color, you’ll be a little more limited in your awning sign than those who are working with brown, grey, or white buildings. Your designer can help you match the sign to your building.
  • Brand: One obvious choice is to use one of your brand colors for the awning sign. However, you can pick complimentary colors if your brand colors won’t look good on your building.
  • Impression: Deep, rich colors have a different impact on your customers than bright neon or pale pastels. Choose your tone carefully to create the right impression.

Edging and Shape 

If you look through pictures of awnings entrance signs for businesses you might notice that some have straight bottoms, others have waves or frills or other unique shapes. Which should you choose? It depends on the impression you want to make.

Straight bottoms are a cleaner, more modern look that works for brands that want to seem fresh, cutting-edge, or contemporary. Other bottoms, like waves and frills, are more old-fashioned and work for brands that want to seem traditional, homey, or nostalgic.

Which Font Works Best?

Your brand may already have a distinct font that you’d like to use for the awning sign. If you don’t, your sign designer can work with you to develop a font that will balance readability with the right brand impression. It may be best to match all outdoors signs and awning signs with the same font.

You don’t have to have a font on your sign if you are pairing your awning sign with another fascia sign. In this case, awning signs may help your building achieve the right look and stand out.

Get a Great Awning Sign from QC Signs & Graphics

There are a few more things to consider when designing the perfect awning sign to complement your business entrance. Choose QC Signs & Graphics and we’ll make sure you get the exact sign you’re looking for. We can design, manufacture, and install a wide variety of signs and awning signs. Contact us today to receive a free quote.